Poppy Sage Hope is an American author, entrepreneur, energy empath, healer and with the sweet ass help from many fellow lovers of life, called (Poppy and Friends) continue to blossom Gatherings that provide a Direct Experience of Awakening to the living energy Space between us. A Direct Experience of this fundemental reality brings an Aura of peace and contentment to our life.

The Direct Experience of this Space of Oneness is witnessed in all of Poppy and Friends classic Gatherings, The Celebration Experience 2.0, Quantum Leap 2.0, the Weekend, Awakening to Space, Gatherings and Week Long, Entering The Aura Of Oneness, Gatherings and the Month Long Imagine Gatherings, plus the Evolutionary Meditation Tools 2.0 MP3's and Poppy's best selling transformational Love Book, Liberated Love.

An essential message of Poppy and Friend's teaching is: People are suffering because they have not experienced the Liberating truth of who they are.

Among the thousands of thoughts and feelings of suffering that rise and fall in our mind body complex each day, there is one thing that is not a thought or feeling ... Our Consciousness of Existing.

This silent witness to the Mind is our True Self. A Direct Experience of this fundemental reality brings an Aura of peace and contentment to our life. now we know that who we are is this living Space, beyond the Mind in which the thoughts and feelings of suffering are rising and falling in.

Awareness of our True Self unifies the Mind and Self into an Aura of Oneness. When faced with the truth of existence, there is a deep knowing that you are the Self, the One, the Space in which all things rise and fall in, a state of Consciousness in which Supreme Peace is the reality of Living in the Aura of Oneness.

Poppy and Friend's awareness of Space was born in 1989, when the True Self of life became aware of itself as the Space of Awareness. This led to the Direct Experience of our True Self as the Space also and created an evolutionary shift in Human Awareness to the WeSpace of Oneness between us.

Through various Evolutionary We Space Gatherings this vibe is passed on from person to person like tuning forks, re-tuning our brain, body, mind and spirit to mutually support the transformation of Human Evolution.

All of Poppy and Friend's Direct Experience Gatherings has helped thousands of people to create a fundamental reality of and mutually tap into the universal energy environment necessary for us to realize that who we are is the "space of life" (the energy of present connected awareness, the space) "rather than just the thoughts, feelings and actions in the space" thereby creating an experience of the larger “We Space of Personal and Universal Oneness” with Light, Love and Liberation for everyone with nothing and no one left out.

The Gatherings “Being the Space Processes” constantly evolve as each gathering creates a deeper and deeper mutual inner-connected awareness, a lasting and expanded presence of awareness becoming aware of itself as awareness .

The mutually supported “Space Processes” helps raise the brain, body, mind and spirit energy frequency into an experience of Oneness, which shifts us into whole brain functioning, helping to refocus our intent to be in service to life’s positive expansion instead of negatively resisting, starting, stopping, fixing, solving whatever is rising and falling in the Now. When all we really want is to fall in love and be One with this beautiful moment of foreverness.

At Poppy and Friends Gatherings, BreathWork and Evolutionary EyeWork Meditations are experienced in sitting dyads, so you will have the opportunity to witness the birth of your Space becoming aware of itself as Oneness while you support another person in his or her inner journey, and receive a mutual hand up for yourself, creating transforming We Space energy for a safe place to experience the wonderment of Oneness.

You are invited to join up an aware listening to your intuitive guidance, something powerful and loved by all when experienced. We welcome you to share what's going at:

Most of Poppy and Friends Gatherings use evolutionary meditative systems that won't be found anywhere else. These classic personal awakening programs will help you clear up your psychology, improve your relationships, and accelerate your growth - spiritually, personally and professionally.


RESULTS: People report of a profound heightened awareness to their Soul's intuitive guidance resulting in ordinary everyday things like; clear intent, stress relief, enhanced cognition, business deals coming through, a new job offer call, a contract signed, a land deal coming together, a long needed talk with a loved one occurring, youthfulness blossoming, a forgiveness of the past, attracting a loving relationship, their mindfulness meditation quieting, being in the now with deeper more fulfilling energy, yoga and workouts.

It is different for everyone but the sense of surrender, a larger vibrational shift to spacious energy, a clearing, an aware listening to their Woke Soul's intuitive guidance is common.

The various transformational gatherings offered by Sage L. Hope and team have been attended by thousands of people from around the world as together we seek, find, transform and Celebrate our common Self, our world and our wholeness with no one and nothing left out...

1) Sage Hope's Training and Coaching Experiences are literally eye opening.  I thought I had seen and done it all, but Sage showed me new perspectives and new techniques that work to get past stuff that is way overdue to let go of.  

Despite years of therapy etc., I still had much grief inside that talking about and time has not cleared.  I loved that the details of my trauma story were not dug into, but the lingering residue of this were cleared nonetheless. I am a pretty skeptical person and I was blown away. Sage is legit, deeply authentic, and a joyful and kind guide. I cannot recommend his spacious soul work enough.  I am telling everyone about it, and can't wait to do another training. -Renee Amter, Austin, TX

2) I have taken most of Sage’s courses and they have helped me achieve millions of dollars of prosperity, personal love and abundant Soul fulfillment.  I highly recommend this 'one of a kind' spacious and consciousness changing energy work. -Raven Starre, Los Angles, CA

3) I totally recommend Sage to all of you...I feel he has so much to offer us as travelers on the path...don't miss him...he's a true energy empath healer...and he won't be giving sessions personally forever I'll say it again...if you have the chance, book a session or a training...get your energy clear...soften up...find your soul you won't regret it! -Lu, Vancouver, Canada

4) After taking the Training with Sage, my mind has opened to see life in a positive light that shines as bright as the sun! I have become awaken to my energy flow and what affect it has on the world around me.  Life becomes easier when you work with the Universe's Soul Energy rather than against it.  Be open and experience BLISS!  -Much love Ashlee Brown

Love you Sage :) 

5) My life was forever changed after taking the the The Celebration Experience 16 years ago!  Before the workshop, I was like most people: constantly re-living the past, fearing the future, and not living in the moment.  I spent most of my time suffering.  

What caused me to go to the workshop was that I had the good fortune to meet a person who had taken the workshop and was impressed at how happy he was all the time.  He told me about the profound changes he had experienced after attending  The Quantum Leap Experience and that the results were long lasting!  

In that moment I decided that I was sick of suffering and knew that I wanted what my friend had and that  I was willing to do anything to get it!  I dropped everything, hopped on a plane and  flew to San Diego.  I am so glad that I followed my soul's intuition because it was the best decision that I ever made and it really did change my life!  I recommend this amazing workshop to anyone who is tired of suffering and wants to have the tools to be happy in every moment.  No matter what you have planned, there is nothing more important than your happiness!  You are your number one priority!   The Quantum Leap Experience is your invitation to creating all the health, wealth and love you deserve! -Sheri Herrera de Frey, Tucson, AZ

6) Sage's teachings and techniques are absolutely transformational. He helps the individual see and listen to their soul's intuitive guidance and understand the truth of what has been holding them back and how to release our limits, once and for all. - Hope Tackaberry, Austin, TX

7) I have known Sage for years.  I know he has had many awakening experiences from a small boy on.  However, what impresses me most is that he is always happy and conflict free....the fragrance of awakening is good to enjoy.  I always enjoy being around my friend, Sage. -William Cooper, Austin, TX

8) The training was like a Boot Camp for the soul.  I'm more aware of the old programs that are running, I'm more inspired to enjoy life and everything (especially music) seems more alive and connected with me.  I am eternally grateful for this experience. -Jim Vandiveer, Austin, TX

9) My dearest Sage,
Some how some where in time the energy lovingly took me by the hand and led me to you.. I will always remember reaching out ...stepping out and declaring my  intention to know that I was whole and was capable of BEING........especially in the face of the feeble ranting and ruminations of the mind. Quantum Leap and The Celebration Experience became my strength until I was able to sustain this for myself. You gently and with great humor always supported my growth and encouraged my steps to BEING.

My first experience of you (1990) and the energy was so profound that I knew there was never a possibility of turning back and deviating from this truth, this path. I have attended many trainings with you both as a participant and an assistant and constantly marvel at the efficiency and power of the energy. Eyes show up in the training room full of doubt and skepticism, yet the energy has been felt and the participants arrive. With skill, experiences and guidance the participants energy fields calm, and the eyes twinkle with knowing. Knowing themselves and their Soul's intuitive guidance as one. I have experienced this time and time again both in myself and others. Such joy, such wisdom. I thank you, I love you. - Kathleen Obley, Los Angles

10) I am still feeling the effects of tremendous energy clearing and inner realignment to my true inner soul from Sage Hope's wonderful manifesting workshop this weekend. So deeply grateful to be clearing out the old and seeing the new appear before me. More opportunities and pure delight. Thank you dear Sage!!! Feeling my lightness of Being in the flow again. Much love and light to you for the gift of your offering. ♥ -Anya Connolly, Asheville, NC

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Ready: Cheers to your conscious listening for your Soul's intuitive guidance, enhancing your brain, body and mind's health, happiness and prosperity.

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Cheers with light and love to you and yours,

Poppy Sage Hope