The Liberated Love Course/Book

The Personal Development Course in a Book


This Personal Development Course will help you master your psychology, improve your relationships, and grow - personally and professionally.

In addition to exploring this Transformational Course starting from cover to cover...you can also randomly select a page from this book and experience your 'Soul's Infinite Intelligence Guiding You' in your Quest for Liberation!

Hello my name is Sage Larry Hope, Author of the Liberated Love Course/Book. Actually more accurately, I am the conveyor of this transformation energy, an honor bigger than any words I can come up with.

This amazing course/book was channeled to me over a period of 9 months. I was called to write everyday and it pored through me untouched. It has been energy enhanced with the thousands of years old 'soul space energy' of love and oneness.

There are 186 transformational pages arranged in three parts...Seeking Soul Space Energy...Finding Soul Space Energy...and Living in Soul Space Energy.

The breath work and eye work in this transformational Liberated Love course/book was also channeled and made real through the Celebration Trainings. Each chapter is illustrated with hundreds of year old pictures from the Dover Pictorial Archives.

Liberated Love is the story about seeking a transformational awakening into your true magnificent self and connecting with, accelerating and understanding your Soul's journey.

For those on the spiritual path toward awakening, this personal development course/book is an essential companion. It is an excellent mix of practical guidance and experiential Soul energy love. Check out our companion transformation tools.


This book helped guide me through unfamiliar territory. Sage shares what he teaches in his trainings on being the soul space or being the witness and observer. I highly recommend this book and his courses. - Hope Tackaberry, Austin


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